jsflEdit, jsfEdit « Flash / Fireworks Extention that can excute and edit the multiple jsfl or jsf program.


screen shot

what is this

jsfl or jsf can use that was ‘save as command’ or import external scriptfile.
This is bother. Because can’t edit. Or supporse it can, and it must create each scriptfile.
I create one panel edit/save/excute freely.

how to install

First, download MXPfile.
for Flash
> jsflEdit_en.mxp

for Fireworks
> jsfEdit_en.mxp

1. help > control extentions ( sorry. I don’t know right menu name in English)
Open Adobe Extention Manager.

2. files > install Extentions
Select MXPfile that you downloaded. then install.

explain each button

This is made list display and edit display.

1…list <> edit display changed
2…excute program selected

list display
Double click the program. And you can rename that.

3…add program
4…remove program

edit display
3…scale up character
4…scale down character

other function. When select the program in edit dispaly, press TAB Key. And indent. Press Shift + TAB key. And an-indent.


below is demo. can operation actually.


take full responsibility for your actions.


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